Undergraduate Academic Advising

UIC Engineering's Academic Resource Center provides academic advising and support for undergraduate students. We are located on the first floor of SEO toward the end of the south hallway. Undergraduate students are encouraged to make an appointment with the ARC staff whenever a check-in would be beneficial, but there are a few times during your UIC career when a visit to the ARC is required. See below for more information.


  • Email

    Reach the undergraduate office and ARC team at uic-engr@uic.edu.

  • Visit

    We are located on the first floor of SEO. The main undergraduate office is in Room 123.

Important Advising Information

Spring-semester advising for summer and fall courses

All engineering students must meet with their faculty advisor prior to registering for the summer and fall terms. To ensure that these advising meetings take place, an “advising hold” is placed on each student’s record, and it will not be lifted to allow registration until the student and advisor have spoken.

Students should follow the instructions set forth by the department in which they are majoring to make an appointment with their advisor. Undeclared majors whose last names begin with A through M should make an appointment with Letreurna Owens at (312) 996-9529 or lowens2@uic.edu, and undeclared majors with last names that begin with N through Z should make an appointment with Elena Diaz at (312) 355-5899 or ddiaz2@uic.edu.

Appointments typically are made during the ninth week of the spring term, and the advising meetings themselves take place during the 10th week. Failure to see an advisor during this time may result in a delay in registration.

Information on other key advising topics can be found in the sections below.