Many scholarships and awards are available through the College of Engineering Scholarship Program. 

Student Eligibility: Continuing UIC undergraduate engineering students with 30 or more total semester hours of completed course work at the end of the spring semester, including 12 or more at UIC with a minimum UIC GPA of 3.00/4.00 are eligible to apply.

Continuing students are defined as those continuously enrolled for 12 or more hours per semester. Selections are announced in May, and financial awards are distributed for the following academic year. Students who expect to complete their degrees in May or July of the current academic year should not apply for these scholarships. Students completing their degree December of the current academic year who are selected for the award will receive 50 percent of the amount, reflecting their one remaining semester.



The UIC College of Engineering Women’s Scholarship Program awards merit scholarships to first-year, high-achieving female students who are pursuing engineering or computer science at UIC. Learn more about these scholarships on our Women in Engineering Programs site.



The computer science department offers scholarships as they become available. Current offering:

SFS (Scholarships for Service) in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

Recipients receive tuition and a $22,000 annual stipend; after graduation, they must work in cybersecurity for a number of years equal to the number of years that they received the scholarship. This scholarship is open to both BS and MS students and carries a maximum five-year duration. The program supports students interested in cybersecurity and electronic security courses. Contact Professor Venkat Venkatakrishnan at for details.