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Sybil Derrible joins Scientific Reports editorial team

CME Associate Professor Sybil Derrible has joined the editorial team at the journal Scientific Reports.

Associate Professor Sybil Derrible, of civil, materials, and environmental engineering, has joined the editorial team at the journal Scientific Reports.

Scientific Reports is an interdisciplinary journal, and it is one of the most-cited journals in the world, with more than 696,000 citations in 2021. It is part of the high-profile Nature journal family, which publishes mostly natural sciences research such as biology, medicine, and physics. Scientific Reports recently expanded its scope by adding civil engineering to its list of disciplines.

He was invited to join the editorial team by the journal’s Deputy Editor Eve Rooks.

“On one hand, being invited means that my work is being recognized and that the editorial team sees value in my ideas,” he said. “On the other, being invited also means I get to access and help shape the research landscape by handling high-quality interdisciplinary papers.”

He also sees the appointment as a recognition of the high-quality research being conducted at UIC’s College of Engineering.

“Having more faculty being invited and serving as editors in such journals demonstrates the quality of the work being performed at UIC. We’re not afraid to venture into risky research areas, and it pays off,” he added.