Information for Italy Program Students

Through established partnership programs, UIC Engineering is proud to welcome students from select Italian universities to campus each year. This webpage provides information for our Italian students as they begin and progress through their study at UIC.

Italian students who have questions about any of the topics below are invited to contact Jenna R. Stephens, assistant director of international programs, at (312) 355-5242 or


We recommend living in SSR (Single Student Residence) housing. These apartment-style units include a private kitchen and bathroom and primarily house graduate students.

You may choose other residence halls, but ONLY if you will be here for the entire academic year (August through May).

If you know you will be here only through December, select SSR or PSR (Polk Street Residence), as you will not have to pay any penalty for breaking the contract if you return to Italy. PSR units include a private bathroom but access to a community kitchen rather than a private kitchen. Please note: All students who live in Commons North, Commons South, Commons West, Courtyard, or James Stukel Towers are required to choose a meal plan. This is an additional expense. For more information on housing options, visit the UIC housing website.

If you break your contract in December only to move elsewhere but remain at UIC, you will be charged for the cancellation. This involves substantial financial penalties, including loss of the security deposit, a $100 cancellation fee, and 75 percent of the remaining contract cost. A no-penalty cancellation is offered to our students who will be here for one semester only.

For now, you should carefully consider where you wish to live. It is always easiest to live in the residence halls, as you do not have to worry about finding someone to sublet your apartment when you leave. In addition, all on-campus units come with furniture. Furthermore, if you have any problems, Jenna Stephens can assist you, as can the UIC Housing Office.  This is NOT the case if you choose to live in an off-campus apartment.

To start the process of applying for an on-campus space visit the UIC Housing application page. Under “Learn more reasons to live on campus today,” click the APPLY NOW box.  You will need your NetID and password to complete this process.  Instructions for this were included in Lynn’s welcome email. The application will ask for:

  • Your residence hall choice(s); the apartment-style residence halls (and PSR) do not require a meal plan.
  • Roommate preferences, if applicable. All parties must be in agreement and list one another’s UIN on their applications.

For the best chance at receiving your preferences, we suggest that you complete the process by March 15.  Choosing SSR increases your chances for a successful match. Please note: There is a $50 non-refundable application fee that is collected online.

To live in the residence halls, you need to fill out the medical immunization form and send it to Jenna Stephens, completed, by July 15. Please note: All records not in English must be accompanied by a certified translation.

Information about move-in is online. This page is updated from time to time; depending on when you visit, you may see information from the prior semester.  Remember that orientations take place the week before classes start, and you should be here starting from Monday, August 19. You can find information about requesting an early arrival here.

If you choose to arrive at UIC to look for an apartment near campus, Guest Housing spaces are available either for a private space or a shared space for short-term needs.  Information about this service and an application can be found here.  Off-campus housing information is on the UIC commuter website. We do not recommend signing a lease on any apartment you have not seen and inspected yourself. In the past, some students chose to live around the Chicago metropolitan area and used Airbnb. For some, it worked out; for others it didn’t, and they were forced to move in the middle of the year. If you are looking into this option, reach out to those students so you can speak directly with them about their experiences.


Please read and bookmark the CampusCare website.

From there, you can:

  • Access the Waiver Form. You also will need to show proof of other insurance coverage. You have until day 10 of the semester before the system freezes to get this taken off of your account or it will be calculated in with Tuition and Fees that will be due.
  • Print your CampusCare ID Card.

*Registered students can reinstate at any time.

Please note that for the 2019-2020 school year, the deadline to submit all CampusCare forms was September 12, 2019.

Paying Tuition

Your tuition gets adjusted after the system freezes on day 10 of the semester. It will reflect the contract amount and you should wait to receive an email from Jenna or Lynn to prepare your tuition payment. The current contract tuition amount is $8,000. That is tuition only, and does not include fees. For information about UIC tuition, visit the graduate tuition and fees page.

Without the contract tuition and as a regular international student, your total would be much higher: $11,950 plus the engineering differential and all fees and assessments.

For fall 2019, you will pay the same contract amount of $8,000, but the total will include all fees and assessments. The contract tuition ends with this last required semester in the program.

Tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is due September 28, 2019. Please allow at least five business days (ideally seven) for payments to reach UIC on September 28.

The University of Illinois uses Flywire for international payments from accounts outside the United States. Flywire aims to provide the best price for all international payments. Using Flywire allows you to bypass fees and unfavorable exchange rates you would traditionally be assessed by a bank. Flywire also offers a best-price guarantee for cases in which you may find a competitive rate.

Payment instructions

  • Visit and follow the login instructions for your campus.
  • Select “Student Account,” “View and Pay Accounts,” and then “Make Payment.”
  • Enter payment amount, then select “International Payments” from the Payment Method drop-down menu.

If you have questions about Flywire or the payment process, please contact Flywire’s 24/7 customer support team at or toll free at 1 (800) 346-9252.

We no longer recommend using wire transfers from your own bank. Please be aware that wire transfers from certain Italian banks are regularly short about $25 or $30, which causes problems on your UIC account. Please email Jenna Stephens if you have questions or concerns about your bill.

Choosing a Thesis Advisor

If you have not been matched with a thesis advisor yet, we encourage you to go to your department’s web page and search the core faculty listings (look under the “Faculty and Staff” menu) to see who specializes in your area of interest. The sooner you are matched with an advisor, the sooner you can get going on your research and write your thesis! Links to our department websites are here: