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Letters to the Editor

Letters from readers responding to the content presented in RISE.

Illustration of self-driving cars

New Cars on the Block

One thing that we can’t let change is each generations’ prerogative to have a crack at upsetting things and coming up with something new. And hopefully better.

But I would question the suggestion that “experts” have determined that the IC (internal combustion) engine will be gone in 30 years as such “experts” are not identified, and I would suggest further that the requirement to state one’s sources is still a part of the academic experience…

One thing that has changed is that important group SAE—active on campus with student sections and so critical to continuing to develop real world means to effectively move folks about, including with those abominable IC engines—has now changed their name from “Society of Automotive Engineers,” as mentioned in the article, to “SAE International.”

On this point we must not be hazy.

John Fischer
Palatine, Illinois

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