All Engineering students are required to seek advising from their faculty advisor prior to registering for the Spring 2017 term.  An advising hold will be placed on the record of each Engineering student which will prevent them from registering until they speak with their faculty advisor.

Engineering students should visit their departmental offices to make an appointment with their advisor during the 9th week of the term (October 17 – 21).  Advising will take place during the 10th week of the term (October 24 – 28).  Failure to see your faculty advisor during this time may result in delaying your registration.

College Departments:

Bioengineering                          218 SEO

Chemical Engineering                    216 CEB

Civil and Materials Engineering         2095 ERF

Computer Science                        905 SEO

Electrical and Computer Engineering (also Engineering Physics majors)     1020 SEO

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (also Engineering Management majors)   2039 ERF

Undeclared Majors should make an appointment with either Letreurna Owens or Elena Diaz based on their Last Name.

Last Names beginning with “A” – “M” should contact Letreurna Owens at 312-996-9529 or by email atlowens2@uic.edu

Last Names beginning with “N” – “Z” should contact Elena Diaz at 312-355-5899 or by email at ddiaz2@uic.edu


For classes taken at UIC from the Fall 2009 forward, you can petition to have Grade Point Average Recalculation for up to 4 courses total during your UIC studies.  YOU MUST DECLARE YOUR INTENT TO DO SO BY THE END OF THE 2ND WEEK OF CLASSES (1ST WEEK DURING SUMMER).  Petition forms may be obtained from the main Engineering office in room 123 SEO.  More information on this policy can be found in the online UIC catalog under the heading:

Repeating a Course with Grade Point Average Recalculation.


Graduation from the College of Engineering is not automatic.  Students who intend to graduate following the completion of the Spring 2017 term must submit the online Intent to Graduate form, no later than the 3rd week of the Spring semester.  Students may submit their Intent to Graduate through the my.UIC portal.

Students planning on graduating in Summer or Fall 2017 should register for the Spring 2017 term first. You should then submit a Graduation Check form picked up in our main office in room 123 SEO. The Graduation Check should be done the semester BEFORE you plan on graduating so that we can catch any potential issues before it is to late.


To summarize, you can drop classes in weeks 1-2 through the UIC portal (my.uic.edu ).  To do this, log into the UIC portal, click on the “Academics” tab, click on the “Registration” submenu tab and click on “Student Self Service Log In – Registration Menu”.  Once you add and/or drop courses, you should log in afterward to check if the add/drop went through.  In weeks 3-10, you can drop up to four courses during your entire UIC stay by submitting a petition in the College Office (123 SEO). The course drop policy applies to all UIC courses that you have registered for. You should routinely check your academic schedule in weeks 2 and 10 to make sure that it does not contain any surprises.


Students wishing to withdraw from the university may submit an online request to the Office of Registration and Records via my.uic.edu through the tenth day of the term (fifth day for Summer Session). More details on this will be provided on the UIC portal web site. Students who officially withdraw from the University by 11:59pm on the first Monday of a term will receive a full refund of tuition and fees. Please read UIC’s Policy for more details. After the 2nd week of the term, you may drop ALL courses, and thus withdraw from the university, by completing a form in the College Office by 5:00 PM Friday of the 15th week.  You will get all Ws for your courses, and these Ws do not count in the limit of four maximum drops. You can register normally for the next term. If you are on probation, and are not doing well, this option is worth considering in spite of its adverse financial implications.