Guaranteed Professional Program Admissions

For engineers, the Guaranteed Professional Program Admissions initiative allows a limited number of highly-qualified first-year students to be admitted to UIC with guaranteed admission to a PhD program in engineering, providing they meet college coursework and performance criteria.

Honors College

The Honors College is a home for students seeking extra intellectual challenge as well as campus and community engagement. Honors students enjoy such benefits as: small class sizes, leadership opportunities, Honors housing, undergraduate research, scholarships and a Faculty Fellow. You may apply to the Honors College when you are submitting your application to UIC.

UIC – North Park University Dual Degree Program

You will be immersed in the world of engineering from your first semester, spending time at both North Park University (NPU) and the College of Engineering (COE) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Most of years one, two, and four will be spent at NPU, completing Core Curriculum and physics courses. Years three and five, as well as two to three summers of classes and research, are spent primarily at UIC. During year three, you’ll choose either a civil or mechanical engineering track. Throughout the dual-degree program, you’ll meet with a faculty advisor at NPU who will help guide you through the program, ensuring you complete necessary coursework on time and with success. Based on the agreed articulation agreement, courses taken from NPU during this dual degree program will be accepted as trasnfer credit towards the UIC Engineering degree and courses taken at UIC will be used as transfer credit at NPU in order to facilitate the receipt of both degrees.