With a nearly 150 year tradition of academic excellence, UIC is one of the three campuses of the University of Illinois. UIC has, over the past twenty-five years, become one of the top fifty research universities in the United States. The largest university in Chicago, UIC has a $2 billion FY 2014 operating budget, and annual research expenditures of approximately $388 million. UIC has a diverse student population of more than 27,589 students, including over 16,660 undergraduates, 8,186 graduate students and 2,743 professional students. UIC has approximately 1,960 full-time faculty, and over 7,938 full-time staff. It is comprised of more than 100 buildings on 250 acres within walking distance of the Chicago Loop.


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Professor Ken Brezinsky was awarded a 3 year, $368,000 NASA grant to refine the state of chemical understanding needed to make the proposed "Mars Hopper" work.The University of Illinois has a long history of outstanding engineering education and research. The UIC College of Engineering continues this tradition with excellent undergraduate and graduate programs in six academic departments: Richard and Loan Hill Department of Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil and Materials Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

Students of UIC's Electronic Visualization Laboratory pan and zoom through Landsat-7 satellite imagery on EVL's GEOWALL2.  GEOWALL2 is a portable high-resolution (8000x3600 pixels) 15-tile LCD system powered by a 10-node cluster.The College has 2524 undergraduate and 1141 graduate students. Admissions are competitive. Our undergraduates and graduates come from many varying places; Illinois, numerous other U.S. states, and from around the world.

The College of Engineering’s has an outstanding faculty that includes 125 full-time faculty members. Given our proximity to leading technical and multinational companies, the College of Engineering is also fortunate to have industry leaders employed that include15 part-time faculty. The College of Engineering faculty includes: 26 National Science Foundation CAREER or Presidential Young Investigator Award winners, 54 who are Fellows of their professional societies, 10 editors of major research journals and 1 member of the National Academy of Engineering. Faculty research expenditures have been increasing dramatically over the last fifteen years, with FY2014 total research expenditures exceeding $22.9 million. We currently have over 150 funded projects totaling $65.4 million. Most importantly, our faculty have received over 35 teaching awards since 2005.