Discover all the exciting things that an engineering education at UIC can provide you


Check out our cool, hands-on chemical engineering apps: Fuzzy Fizzics, nano-sensors, and unbelievably expanding gels! Are you interested in finding out what exactly chemical engineers do (that chemists don’t do)? Join us to learn how a ChemE education can turbocharge your life.

CHE student at lab

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Have you ever gone boating in a concrete canoe? Do you want to bring clean water to people in need? Do you want to use fiber optics to assure the safety of bridges and buildings? Have you ever wanted to design futuristic i-Cities? Visit us to find out more!

CME students creating the concrete canoe

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Find out what Computer Science is all about. What do CS graduates actually do? What’s the average salary? Join this 20 minute hands on activity and visit the CAVE2, one of the world's most advanced virtual reality facilities.

CS students photos

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Remember to thank an Electrical/Computer Engineer every time you pick up that cell phone or drive that electric car. Come and learn about how we develop the hardware, software, algorithms, and theory behind the electrical magic in our daily lives.

ECE department photo

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Learn how you can enrich your life and change the world through engineering.

Photo of MIE students having fun

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Bioengineers fuse engineering and medicine to improve your quality of life. Come hear about the cutting-edge BioE curriculum, and bioengineer career paths in industry, health professions and academia.

image of eye and electronics

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