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Professor Yarin hosts international conference with Korea University

Professors Yoon and Lee

Collaborating on research is important for research engineers. And Distinguished Professor Alexander Yarin knows it. That’s why he and his team from UIC’s Multiscale Mechanics and Nanotechnology Laboratory (MMNL) in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) hosted Dr. Sam Yoon’s group from Korea University’s Solar Cell and Aerosol science Lab for the second UIC-KU International Conference in April at UIC’s Engineering Research Facility.

After a warm welcome from MIE Department Head Farzad Mashayek, professors Yarin and Yoon led the conference, which was comprised of lectures and discussions that included research findings from the Postdoc and Ph.D. students from both universities.

“Many topics using nanofibers were discussed,” said Dr. Minwook Lee, who is working for the joint project at UIC. “Principal Investigators and researchers sit together and talk about the ongoing projects and find the future plans in a room.”

Dr. Yarin’s team presented eight topics, which included “Solution-blown core-shell self-healing nano-/microfibers,” “Medical applications of PET nanofibers,” “Drainage of thin surfactant films,” “Numerical prediction of the 3D nonwoven architecture,” “Flow of suspensions of carbon nanotubes carrying phase change materials through microchannels for heat transfer enhancement,” “Industrial-scale solution blowing of soy protein nanofibers,” “Transient forced air convective heating and its effect on nonwovens stiffness,” and “Theoretical prediction of blood spatter patterns.”

Dr. Yoon’s team presented five topics, which included “Biocompatible electrospun nanofiber membranes for prevention of fungal invasion,” “CuNi-based flat plate heater for ultra-high temperature by supersonic kinetic spraying,” “High performance and low-voltage flexible transparent film heaters based on self-junctioned copper electroplated wires,” and “Thorny devil nanotextured copper oxide nanofibers for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting.”

“This is the annual meeting for joint project between Korea and the United States and the project is supported by Korea National defense agency,” said Lee. “The work is supported by the International Collaboration Program funded by the Agency for Defense Development. We will continue the collaboration on the current joint project and other interesting areas.”

The partnership has led to multiple research topics and the group has successfully published a number of papers to international journals since 2012.

Dr. Yarin is the director of The Multiscale Mechanics and Nanotechnology Laboratory at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. In the lab, he supervises approximately a dozen postdoctoral researchers and graduate students who are each concentrating on unique research focused on fundamental and practical aspects of fluid and solid mechanics, especially at length scales ranging from a few millimeters down to the nanometer level.

Learn more about his research at MMNL.