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$386K NSF grant: Visualization and collaboration services for global cyberinfrastructure (EVL)

The UIC Electronic Visualization Lab (EVL) received additional funding of $386,418 from the NSF under the grant “SI2-SSI: SAGEnext: Next Generation Integrated Persistent Visualization and Collaboration Services for Global Cyberinfrastructure.”

The UIC lead on this project is Maxine Brown, director of the Electronic Visualization Lab. The other UIC participants are Computer Science Research Associate Professor Luc Renambot, Senior Research Programmer Lance Long, and Associate Professor Andy Johnson, Research Director of the EVL.

This new funding is part of a $527,000 supplement to the overall SAGE2 software project, with PI Jason Leigh at University of Hawaii. The supplement brings the overall project funding to roughly $5.5 million, with roughly 20% at University of Hawaii and 80% at UIC.

The overall project is for the SAGE2 software that allows groups to collaborate on large, multi-screen devices such as EVL’s CAVE2. This new supplement is for the research team to consider the cybersecurity of SAGE2, in this era when cybersecurity is of such paramount importance.