UIC Office of Technology Management Award
Airprobe – Multimeter with Wireless Data Transmission
Shijin Duan, Yinbin Ma, Danni Shao, and Yunjuan Wang

Aerospace Engineering
Battle of The Rockets: Mars Rover for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at UIC
Jonathan Blair, Stewart Reed, Omar Ron, and Gerardo Vargas

Automotive Engineering
Rear Aero Wing Design for SAE Formula Car
Ryan Conley, Froilan Guallpa, Perla Jimenez, and Jennifer Rubio

Biofuel Engineering
Nextgen Fuels: Waste Reduction to Biofuel Production
Emily Buhle, Matthew Wagener, Joseph Kostenski, and Corey Lawrence

Biomedical Engineering
Smart Tape
Nathaniel Jesko, Ben Mcclerklin, Hita Patel, Angelica Smith, and Tina Trinh

Bioprocess Engineering
Work Hard, PLA Hard: Biodegradable Plastics from Renewable Resources
Jenine Agoncillo, Sanjana Epari, Grzegorz Kokoszka, and Michael Shakro

Clinical Bioengineering
Inspired inspiration To Prevent Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia
Michael Lukas, Brandon Lukas, Austin Buen-Gharib, and Samantha Labrador

Computer Engineering
Poppy: A Smart Name Tag
Ziqi Huang, Yuan Liu, Chenfei Wang, and Yuchen Xue

Consumer Product Development I
Breathe Strong Mask
Mohammed Alaidroos, Mateusz Drag, Luis Ramirez, and Muhammad Raza

Consumer Product Development I
Bike Buddy – A Vehicle Detection Device for Cyclists
Singee Nguyen, Savim Acharya, Pedro De La Torre, and Jackie Du

Consumer Product Development II
Drain Rooter
Klaidi Cako, Marc Duremdes, Marina Youkhana, and Hassan Ali

Electronics Engineering
Planar Positioning System for 3D Scanning
Damien Gilbert, Andrei Marotta, Tyler Mckay, and Palak Tripathi

Embedded Systems
Health Monitoring Bracelet
Erick Gonzalez, Jason Joseph, Duy Do, and Daniel Kovacevich

Energy Engineering
Piezoelectric Bike
Matt Stevenson, Roben Mata, Josue Mateo, and Calvin Park

Environmental Engineering
Portable Atmospheric Water Condenser
Ewa Konczewska, Michael Orland, Seth Sheppard, Michael Tegeler, and Daniela Cabrera

Green Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide to Methanol: A Solution to Pollution
Kenil Gandhi, Sara Harris, Angelina Rackovic, and David Schulz

Industrial Engineering
United Airlines and UIC at O’Hare
Stephany Ruiz Gonzalez, Jocelyn Rivas, and Joseph Bernick

Manufacturing Engineering
Automated Spray for Manufacturing Processes
Xun Wang, Paolo Alvarado, Simonas Simulis, and Katie Simonic

Materials Engineering
The Use of Plastic in Sidewalk Bricks and as a Filler in Concrete
Hengyu Li, Francisco Lopez, Fabian Carlos Acevedo, Ramez Aladdin, and Tonghao Zhang

Mechatronics Engineering
Filament Splicer
Malik Blackman, Mustafa Kanan, Zain Ahmed, and Klaudia Swigon

Petrochemical Engineering
Hydrogen Fuel: The Way of The Future
Matt Ryan, Michael Topalis, Katherine Milla, Matthew Mckinney, and David Wesolowski

Product Improvement
Ultima 65 Cutter
Bader Abbas, Guillermo Ortega, Tariq Mdanat, Alexis Estrada, and Brian Flanagan

Rehabilitation Engineering
A Device to Facilitate Prone Head Positioning Following Ophthalmic Surgery
Tyler Turkovich, Sunil Dommaraju, Julian Pacheco, and Meghna Peesapati

Robotics Engineering
Flame Bot: A Portable Robotic Assistant for Firefighters
Sanjida Choudhury, Megan Dague, Zachary Hellriegel, and Cary Pope

Sensor Technology
SAE Baja Data Acquisition
Kent Dixon, Brian Zappa, Alexandro Candelas, and Michael Gremillion

Site Development Engineering
Discovery Partners Institute Design
Oscar Almanza, Jesus Escobar, and George Lopez

Software Engineering I
WZProtein: A Molecular Visualization Web-Based Platform for Educational and Research Purposes
Gaia Gbola, Dominique Stewart, Kelsey Hughes, and Kyle Luciu

Software Engineering II
Parkingbot (tie)
Ashley Spreitzer, Eric Bauer, Christian Janicki, and David Samuels

Software Engineering II
Slam-Bot: Seeing and Mapping (tie)
Shixiong Jiang, Yihua Pu, Haoran Yu, and Yufang Zhang

Structural Engineering
Design and Fabrication of a Flexible Load Sensing Structure for Testing Mechanical Properties of Nanostructures
Luke Zanoni, Ivan Ramirez, Ningmu Cao, Qiuyuan Luo, and Jeremy Harris

Sustainable Engineering
Novus Project: 46-Acre Sustainable Mega-Development
Alena Dizdari, Francisco Donoso, and Christopher Heipp
Thermal/Fluids Engineering
Volumetric Heating of A Flowing Viscous Fluid Using infrared Radiation
Omar Garcia, Shayan Ranjbari, Mahmoud Hamouda, and Paul Nguyen     
Transportation Engineering
Complete Street Design on Cortland Street
Sania Ali, Francine Wong, and Gustavo Yanez