What did you do this summer? Did you spend your time at a crowded beach?
Engineering never takes a break! Here’s how some of our engineering students spent their time while doing summer internships.

What did some of our COE students do this Summer?

Our engineering students understand the importance of gaining real world practical experience prior to graduation. The Engineering Career Center works as a resource to students and employers to help build these important relationship connections.

Here are a few places where our UIC Engineering students worked over the summer.


Margaret Zero | Industrial Engineering

Safety Intern for Electro-Motive Diesel

As the Safety Intern at EMD, Margaret had two major projects and a few side projects. For the main projects, she communicated with supervisors, engineers and operators to obtain updates, analyzed past Job Safety Analysis Reviews & investigated new hazard controls for implementation. Margaret also observed processes, performed assessments and documented hazards involved with each job in order to obtain risk ratings and prioritize hazard controls. Furthermore, she collaborated with the Operational Excellence group to instill risk ratings in the work instructions.

EMDWhat is Electro-Motive Diesel?

EMD is the world’s largest builder of diesel-electric locomotives for all commercial railroad applications: Freight, intercity passenger, commuter, switching, industrial and mining. The company’s headquarters, engineering facilities and parts-manufacturing operations are located in LaGrange, Illinois, just west of Chicago. Final assembly is performed in the United States at our Muncie, Indiana facility, as well as at a variety of locations around the world.


Vincent Mazzaferro | Civil Engineering

Intern Engineer for People’s Gas

Peoples Gas is currently engaged in the Advanced Main Replacement Program (AMRP). The program is upgrading all mains and service lines from low to medium pressure as well as moving meters that are inside the home, outside. Vincent traveled around Chicago performing a large audit of the work being done and the meter moves.

Working in a city that has so many awesome summer events has its perks. People’s Gas organized a company event at the Taste of Chicago. It was a networking event for all the interns at the company.

PeoplesGasWhat is People’s Gas?

For more than 150 years, North Shore Gas and Peoples Gas have delivered safe, reliable natural gas to residents and businesses in Chicago and the communities between Winnetka and the Illinois-Wisconsin border. Along the way, the companies played a key role in the development of Chicagoland as one of the best places to live and work in the nation.


Katarzyna Orbik | Chemical Engineering

Intern Engineer for LA-CO

This summer Katarzyna worked with Thermomelts- a method for measuring temperature. Below she is working with a Fisher-Johns Melting Point Apparatus checking the melting point of the Thermomelt. Another way to check the temperature was with the more accurate DTA-50 which is a DIfferential Thermal Analyzer. She also used the digital force meter to measure the break strength of the Thermomelts.

LA-COWhat is LA-CO?

LA-CO is a leader in plumbing chemicals.

LA-CO products are sold around the world through a network of 6,500 distributors in the U.S. and 25 foreign countries. The product offering has broadened to feature an array of application-specific thread sealants, soldering fluxes, repair sealants, specialty chemical products and marking products.


Bradley Ferraro | Mechanical Engineering

Intern Engineer for CNH

Bradley worked in the drivetrain department at CNH, with the main focus being on a newly designed CVT transmission. The transmission was not operating up to spec and was drawing too much horsepower while running. Bradley’s main project was to troubleshoot what part of the transmission was drawing the extra horsepower by a means of trial and error. First, he would eliminate or modify a part on the transmission and then using a dyno and computer program, he would run the transmission.

CNH3After analyzing the data, he would use Excel to put it into easy to read graphs and tables in order to present the new information to management to see what the next step in the troubleshooting would be.


Andrew Dwinal | Electrical Engineering

Intern Engineer for CNH

Andrew also worked at CNH and in these photos he is modifying two circuit boards that will simulate the forward/reverse lever and clutch of a tractor. After Andrew redesigned and installed these boards, the test operator was able to put the tractor into gear without having to leave his seat, now he could just click a button on his computer screen.

CNH2What is CNH?

CNH is a world leader in the agricultural and construction equipment businesses. Created in 1999 through the merger of New Holland N.V. and Case Corporation, CNH today comprises the heritage and expertise of three agricultural brands (Case IH; New Holland Ag; and Steyr) and three construction equipment brands (Case Construction Equipment; New Holland Construction; and Kobelco).

For more information on internships contact our:

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