College News 2014

Professor Christos Takoudis helps promote undergraduate research with UIC’s REU
Fostering undergraduate researchWinning four consecutive three-year NSF grants for the program, Professor Christos Takoudis helps promote undergraduate research with UIC’s Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU).With more academic institutions realizing the potential benefits of competition for research for undergraduates, the National Science Foundation’s program is growing more competitive with time, but that hasn’t hindered professors Christos Takoudis and Gregory Jursich, who direct UIC’s program, from receiving four consecutive three-year grants to promote undergraduate research.The REU program at UIC offers a dozen students—both from UIC and around the nation—the opportunity to learn what research is all about. For ten weeks during the summer, participants work in a UIC facility assisting a UIC faculty member with his or her research project. Generally, the…
ECE Professor Alan Feinerman has invented a new approach to insulation
UIC Professor Wears Two Hats: Inventor and Entrepreneur Alan Feinerman, professor of electrical engineering, has invented a new approach to insulation. Now he wants to market it through his start-up company. More than half of the energy consumed in the U.S. is used to keep people or food warm or cool. UIC electrical engineering professor Alan Feinerman worked with UIC’s Office of Technology Management to start his own company, Thermal Conservation Technologies (TCT). The goal is to commercialize an extremely compact and efficient thermal insulation made of a stainless steel “envelope” with Kevlar filaments inside. It is equivalent to the R-value of eight inches of polyurethane foam in less than one half inch, achieved by sealing the Kevlar filaments (patents…
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ECE Professors Alan Feinerman and Sudip Mazumder win the 2013 Innovate @ UIC
Innovators of ECE: On April 30th, Innovate@UIC celebrated the 2013 Innovator and Inventor of the Year Awards. The celebration honored remarkable innovators and inventors alike at University of Illinois at Chicago whose efforts contributed to significantly advancing his or her invention towards commercialization and contributed to the development of intellectual property at UIC, which has the potential to make a significant impact. These awards recognize creativity and outstanding commitment either through participation in the licensing process, through entrepreneurial efforts or in commitment as demonstrated throughout the invention process. It is with great honor and pleasure that Innovate@UIC and the Office of Technology Management announce that Dr. Alan Feinerman has been named the 2013 UIC Innovator of the Year and Dr.…