Engineering EXPO 2007

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We are pleased to announce the following recipients of awards at Engineering EXPO 2007:

Category 1: Medical Devices and Instrumentation

First Place
Device to Measure Perineal Pressures During Bicycling

Ali Husain, Ershad Forghani-Arani, Ryan Devon

Second Place
Heart Murmur Detector

Jovani Ibarra, Tenille Medley, Arnold Lee

Category 2: Cellular and Molecular

First Place
Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease Through Nanotechnology

Lucy Trevino, Theresa Lo, Jason Ip, Benjamin Bick

Second Place
Extended Release of Cisplatin from a Polyacrylic Acid Hydrogel for the Treatment of Ovarian Cancer

Stephen Soong, David Sarcu, Martha Kidd

Category 3: Environmental, Health and Safety

First Place
City of the Future: Recycling Chicago's Water in 2106
Samantha Ebright, Arun Heer, Janet Shackelford, Zaki Ali

Second Place
CLA: Fat That's Good For Your Heart

Sansarng Riewchotisakul, Yevgenny Strashnov, Jesus Trujillo

Category 4: Assistive Technology

First Place
Wheelchair Innovation

Uday Sangar, Chubin Mei, Jerry Bwanhot, Peter Nicholas, Jan Sagun, Jin Bang

Second Place (Tie)
Communication Device Service Cart

Kevin Carrara, Adam Lewandowski, Peter Visser

Refreshable Braille Display
Vincent Arguelles, Fernando Garcia, Matthew Chan

Category 5: Process Design

First Place
BioButanol - Ethanol's Overlooked Cousin

Kristine Heideman, Dan Heideman, Heather Mayes

Second Place
Production of Synthetic Diesel from Waste Plastics

Mindy Truong, Barbara Augustynek, Sevasti Pyrovolikou

Category 6: Structure/Site Design

First Place
Olympic Aquatic Center

Sokol Lluri, Ryan White, Ingrid Oberle, Akash Surani

Second Place
Athletic Residence Halls for the 2016 Summer Olympics

Sean Pfeiffer, Steven Jeske, John Saraceno, Emily Druckrey

Category 7: Infrastructure Design

First Place

Borko Andric, Nebojsa Kisic, Milos Stefanovic, Jaime Frausto

Second Place
Design and Implementation of a Monorail System Within the City of Chicago
Dipak Patel, Dina Muller, Dave Miller, Michael Marczyk, Marat Goldenberg, Korinne Krych

Category 8: Materials Design

First Place
Evaluation of the Structural Behavior of Lightweight High Strength Reinforced Concrete Beams

Yogesh Patel, Nayankumar Patel, Deian Ivanov, Lukasz Pociecha, Daniel Tomicevic, Marcin Krok

Second Place
Development of High Strength/High Performance Lightweight Concrete

Dorin Bogdan, Romulus Atanasiu, Krysztof Piszczek, Marian Cotor, Elliot Gentry-Fernandez

Category 9: User Interface and Education

First Place
TypeMouse: Fully Functional Keyboard and Mouse in a Single-Handed Device

Wojciech Przeczkowski, Jeremy Kahsen, Robert Hanrahan, Benjamin Stef

Second Place
DIGITS: Digital Interface Glove Including Tactile Sensitivity

Jeff Kantarek, Emil Remolana, Christopher Kaczor

Category 10: Specialty Electronic and Signal Processing

First Place
Giant Marquee

Steven Mockus, Eric Gesell, Konstantin Khrustov

Second Place
SecondSight: Gun-Mounted Wireless Video Camera System

Kent Nelson, Mariam Pauls, Maciej Janiszewski

Category 11: Remote Control

First Place
Wireless Electronic Shelf Tag Display

Bryan Strysik, Sean Richards, Justin Jones

Second Place
System to Allow Easy Access to a Household

Adam Williams, Hafiz Tahiru, Boakye yiadom

Category 12: Mechanism and Device Design

First Place
Easter Seals Bike Project - Interdisciplinary Project Development

Jason Shiffler, Joseph Buchina, Joseph Martin, Christopher Steiner

Second Place
Increasing The Temperature Differential In A Vortex Tube

Christopher Anagnostopoulos, Stafanie Esposito, James Giannakis, Yulian Fille

Category 13: System Monitoring

First Place
RFID Based Inventory System

Peter Mazarakos, Paul Kuzich, Donald Keller, Antony Paul

Second Place
RFID Temperature System

Ken Fadera, Piotr Jedraszczak, Nate Ruengpinyophun

Category 14: Sports Equipment

First Place
Portable Nordic Walking Exercise Device

Georgios Zissimopoulos, Rolland Less, Christopher Naylon, Steven Parnell, Jesus Alvarez

Second Place
Determination of Optimal Vibration Frequencies for Sports Equipment

Alan Bautista, Nancy Rios, Ashley Selner

Visitor Ballot

Most votes from the Visitors Ballot

Nuclear Hydrogen
Environmental, Health and Safety
Syed Ahmed, Adam Nichols, Nirav Patel

Arlene Norsym Award

Most votes from students participating in EXPO

Nuclear Hydrogen
Environmental, Health and Safety
Syed Ahmed, Adam Nichols, Nirav Patel


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