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The UIC College of Engineering is recognized for its academic excellence with undergraduate and graduate programs in six academic departments: Richard and Loan Hill Department of Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil and Materials Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

We are the only public research university providing engineering education in the City of Chicago, we are committed to this goal. Our slogan for the College of Engineering at UIC is to provide "Exceptional Engineering in the Heart of Chicago!" The College of Engineering enrolled 2,311 undergraduate students, 633 masters and 445 Ph.D. students in the Fall of 2012.

The College of Engineering has 129 faculty including 18 women. Our faculty are of the highest quality. Two of our faculty are members of the National Academy of Engineering. In addition, 45 of our faculty are Fellows of societies such as IEEE, ACM, ASME, AAAS, and ASCE, and 25 are National Science Foundation CAREER or Presidential Young Investigator award winners.

The research programs at the UIC College of Engineering have been growing rapidly over the years and are conducted in 6 departments and 8 interdisciplinary centers. During 2011-12, the total research expenditure for the College was about $24.5 million. Our faculty are involved in interdisciplinary research in the areas of bio-technology, nano-technology, information technology and infrastructure and ENERGY/environmental technology. We understand the need for engineers and for technological advances. We promise to provide our students with an exciting education that will prepare them for emerging technologies and to be adaptable and flexible for the rapidly changing world.

Our College has developed a Strategic Plan with detailed objectives and action plans for what we want to do in the areas of faculty, students, staff, curriculum, research, corporate relations, alumni relations, student career placement, and national rankings. You will see us grow in size, increasing research activity and funding, and style of education as we expand our interdisciplinary research and integrate our corporate relations with student internships and career placement in ways not seen at other institutions. I am very excited about the tremendous possibilities for the College in the near future.

We are continually improving undergraduate and graduate instructional activities and support programs and advancing our research facilities and laboratories. I invite you to visit our department and program websites to meet our fine faculty, learn about our academic and support programs and explore the range of cutting-edge engineering research at the UIC College of Engineering. Please feel free to direct questions about the college to my staff or me.

Our 22,000 alumni and friends are invited to participate in Engineering Alumni Association activities and to share your experiences and concern.

Warm regards and thank you for your interest.

Peter C. Nelson,
Dean & Computer Science Professor
UIC College of Engineering


UIC seeks to embody the ideal of a public university: to cultivate the highest intellectual ambitions of faculty, students and staff and, at the same time, contribute to the making of a more egalitarian society. We will be a resource and destination accessible to all who share our ambitions and have the desire to excel. We seek to be a leading research university and a great urban institution, taking advantage of the opportunities and needs presented to and by the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago. We believe that for this commitment to be meaningful in the 21st century, it must be both local and global, a commitment not only to Chicago, but to all the "Great Cities". The UIC College of Engineering wishes to contribute to the overall vision of UIC by helping to educate students for careers of leadership and innovation in engineering and related fields; by expanding the base of engineering knowledge through original research, by developing technology to serve the needs of society; and by benefiting the public through service to industry, government and the engineering profession.


The mission of the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago is to provide the opportunity for each student to become all that he or she is capable of becoming through excellence in education in the three areas of teaching, research, and service. In the area of teaching, the college provides academic excellence to its students through ten Bachelor of Science programs in six departments: Richard and Loan Hill Department of Bioengineering; Chemical Engineering; Civil and Materials Engineering; Computer Science; Electrical and Computer Engineering; and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. With the changing dynamics of society, the college continues to strive for excellence and innovation in both its instructional and research programs. In the area of community service and as part of the University’s Great Cities Program related to economic development and environmental concerns, the college is continuously strengthening ties with the industrial community, especially the dynamic region of Illinois.


The specific objectives for the UIC COE over the next 6 years will be:

1. To make the UIC COE to be one of the top 40 engineering schools in the country;
2. To recruit, promote, mentor and retain a faculty of world-leading quality;
3. To attract the best undergraduate and graduate students into the school;
4. To provide a relevant, exciting, high-quality undergraduate and graduate education that produces young engineers who are adaptable and flexible, as well as technically proficient;
5. To train and place our students in the top industries, government agencies, and universities;
6. To become recognized in research as a school through high impact research, scholarly publications, and interdisciplinary research in emerging technologies;
7. To have excellent ties to industries and government agencies in the form of research support, technology transfer and student recruitment;
8. To have long term and fruitful relations with our alumni;
9. Provide a world-class infrastructure of labs and classrooms, allowing top quality research and teaching to flourish;
10. Assure that excellence and diversity are reflected in the faculty, staff and student body.


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