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College of Engineering

2017 Employee Recognition

We congratulate the recipients of Service Year Recognition Awards, 5 through 50 years of service and the UIC Award of Merit


Engr. Administration      
  Zainalabedin Navabi Adjunct Professor 5
  Letreuma Owens Assistant  Director of the Academic Resource Center 5
  Hananeh Esmailbeigi Clinical Assistant Professor 5
  Hui Lu Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor 15
  Andreas Linninger Professor 20
Chemical Engr.      
  Vivek Sharma Assistant Professor 5
Civil & Materials Engr.      
  Sheng-Wei Chi Assistant Professor 5
  Sybil Derrible Associate Professor 5
  Bo Zou Assistant Professor 5
  Craig Foster Associate Professor 10
  Eduard Karpov Associate Professor 10
  Haiying Zhang Research Engineer 10
Computer Science / EVL      
  Rigel Gjomemo Vstg. Research Assistant Professor 5
  Chris Kanich Assistant Professor 5
  Patricia (Koestner) Barrera Budget Analyst I 5
  Brian Ziebart Assistant Professor 5
  Philip Yu Professor 10
  Caleb Drake Senior Research Programmer 15
  Elena Lathos Project Coordinator 15
  Bing Liu Professor 15
  John Lillis Associate Professor 20
  Jon Solworth Associate Professor 30
Electricial & Computer Engineering      
  Junxia Shi Assistant Professor 5
  Kimberly Fitzgerald Lecturer 10
  Vahe Caliskan Clinical Associate Professor 15
  Shantanu Dutt Professor 20
UIC Award of Merit Mona Hurt Director of Departmental Business Affairs N/A
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering      
  Stacie Scott Office Manager 5
  Michael Brown Clinical Assocate Professor 15
  Sabri Cetinkunt Professor 30
  Graeme Miller Research Energy Policy Analyst 5
  Shraddha Mutyal Energy Engineer 5
  Patrick Brown Energy Engineer 10

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