UIC College of Engineering’s grant expenditures for fiscal year 2017 (ending June 30, 2017) increased more than 20 percent from fiscal year 2016 to $27 million. Currently, the College has 174 funded research projects totaling $83.8 million. See a partial list below.

Associate Professor Ao Ma received a $405,000 NSF grant: “Conformational dynamics, reaction coordinates, and time scale separation in biomolecular systems from the perspective of energy flows.”

Associate Professor David Eddington received a $416,000 NIH R21 grant: “Confined Genetic Transformation and Exchange of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Femtoliter Microdroplets.”

Associate Professor Mathew T. Mathew received a NIH grant: “Corrosion Induced Hip Implant Failure: Synergistic Interactions of Patient, Material, Design, and Surgical Factors.”

Professor Thomas Royston received a $479,745 NSF grant: “Acquisition of Hyperpolarized Gas System for Lung MR Imaging.”

Professor Thomas Royston received a $633,489 NIH R01 grant: “Noninvasive Tools for Assessing Muscle Structure and Function.”

Richard and Loan Hill Professor of Engineering Jie Liang received a $1,064,054 NIH R01 grant: “Database and Tools for Functional Interence and Mechanistic Insight into Somatic Cancer Mutation.”

Richard and Loan Hill Professor of Engineering Jie Liang received a $536,700 NIH R01 grant: “Mathematical Frameworks for Biomolecules to RNAs to Chromosomes.”

Associate Professor Salman Khetani received a $240,624 NIH R21 grant “Functionally Maturing iPSC-Derived Human Hepatocytes in 3D Microgel.”

Associate Professor Ying Liu received a $213,908 NIH grant: “Developing An Inhibitor Of Integrin Outside In Signaling As A New Generation Of Anti Thrombotic Drug.”

Assistant Professor Sangil Kim received a $299,003 NSF grant: Design of Surface-Nanoengineered Hybrid Membranes for High-Performance Redox Flow Batteries.

Assistant Professor Brian Ziebart received a $500,000 NSF CAREER award: “Adversarial Machine Learning for Structured Prediction.”

Assistant Professor Brian Ziebart received a $299,925 EAGER award: “The Virtual Assistant Health Coach: summarization and Assessment of Goal-Setting Dialogues.”

Associate Professor Jakob Eriksson received a $473,363 NSF grant: “New Horizons in Deterministic Execution.”

Associate Professor Jakob Eriksson received a $500,000 NSF grant: “Running the Kernel Continuously with Simultaneous Multi-Threading.”

Professor Isabel Cruz received a $420,000 NSF grant: “Mapping and Querying Underground Infrastructure Systems.”

Professor Isabel Cruz received a $500,000 NSF grant: “Enhancing Ontology Matching with Visual Analytics.”

Assistant Professor Stephen Checkoway received a $240,000 NSF grant: “Foundations of Secure Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems.”

Associate Professor Liz Marai received a $407,321 NSF grant: “Approaches for Risk Assessment and Therapeutic Adaptaion.”

Assistant Professor Balajee Vamanan received a $279,000 NSF grant: “RDMA-Based Datacenter Networks for Online Big Data Applications.”

Associate Professor Andrew Johnson received a $550,000 NSF grant: “A Virtualized Attentive Environment for Amplified Collaboration.”

Associate Professor Lenore Zuck received a $854,500 NSF grant: “Self-certifying Compilation and its Applications.”

UIC’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory received a $5,853,740 contract from the Illinois Department of Transportation to continue developing the Gateway Transportation Information System (GTIS), a sensor data system they built in the early 1990s to help reduce congestion in Chicago and around the Midwest.

Professor Farhad Ansari received a $312,995 grant: “Implementation of Existing BWIM Technology.”

Assistant Professor Sybil Derrible received a $500,000 NSF CAREER grant: “Understanding the Fundamental Principles Driving Household Urban Energy and Resource Consumption for Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Communities.”

Associate Professor Eduard Karpov received a $243,185 NSF grant: “Mechanical Metamaterials with Saint-Venant Edge Effect Reversal for Static Load Pattern Modification and Recognition.”

Associate Professor Didem Ozevin received a $501,554 grant: “Intelligent Welding: Real Time Monitoring, Diagnosis, Decision and Control Using Multi-Sensor and Machine Learning.”

Professor Didem Ozevin received a $304,996 grant: “C-Mode Scanning Acoustic Microscope for Understanding Fundamentals of Failure in Military-Relevant Materials.”

Professor Didem Ozevin received a $500,000 NSF CAREER grant: “Engineered Spatially Periodic Structure Design Integrated with Damage Detection Philosophy.”

Assistant Professor Mojitaba Soltanalian received a $399, 011 NSF grant: “Low-Resolution Sampling with Generalized Thresholds.”

Associate Professor Natasha Devroye received a $249, 999 EAGER award: “Understanding Cooperation Through Zero Error Relay Channel.”

Assistant Professor Junxia Shi received a $300,000 NSF grant: “High Efficiency, High Performance, Green Power Devices.”

Associate Professor Zhao Zhang received a $212,000 NSF grant: “Enhancing Memory Systen Dependability by Integrity Checking.”

Professor Sudip Mazumder received a $399,963 NSF grant: “Control of Next Generation Naval Wide-Bandgap Powered Electronic Systems Using Predictive Switching Sequences and Switching Transition.”

Associate Professor Lin Li received a $975,050 NSF grant: “Industrial Assessment Center for Energy Efficiency, Smart Manufacturing and Cyber Security of Illinois and Northwestern Indiana Small and Medium Sized Manufacturing Companies and Water Facilities.”

Associate Professor Hamed Hatami Marbini received a $321,061 NSF grant: “Investigating Corneal Biomechanics After Collagen Cross-Linking.”

Assistant Professor Patrick Lynch received a $502,084 NSF CAREER award: “Energetic Radical Reactions and Impact on High and Low Pressure Combustion.”

Associate Professor Houshang Darabi received a $975,050 NSF grant: “An Integrated Program for Recruitment, Retention, and Graduation of Acadmically Talented Low Income Engineering Students.”

Richard and Loan Hill Professor of Engineering and Distinguished Professor Ahmed Shabana received a $450,000 NSF grant: “Liquid Sloshing Response in Complex Motion Scenarios.”

Associate Professor Arunkumar Subrmanian received a $225,000 NSF grant: “High-Performance Nanowire Cathodes with Stabilized Microporous Tunnels for Na-ion Batteries.”

Associate Professor Arunkumar Subramanian received a $465,289 CAREER NSF grant: “Sustainable Solutions for Li-ion Batteries through Cycle-Life Improvements in Nanostructured, ‘Green’ Cathodes.”

Distinguished Professor Alexander Yarin received a $320,000 NSF grant: “Stationary and Swing-like Pool Boiling for Microgravity Applications for Cooling of High-Power Microelectronics.”

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