February 28, 2010

The February 28, 2010 issue of USA TODAY reported that the Princeton Review and GamePro magazine selected the best institutions in the USA and Canada where students can go to study game design. They chose 50 programs based on a 2009-2010 survey of administrators at institutions offering game design coursework and/or degrees. UIC is one of the distinguished institutions that made the overall Top 50 list — and we can only presume it is because of the UIC Computer Science “Video Game Design and Development” class taught by EVL Director Jason Leigh.

Selection criteria for the Undergraduate Game Design Program list included the quality of the curriculum, faculty credentials, facilities and infrastructure as well as data on scholarships, financial aid and career opportunities.

The Princeton Review serves as America’s standard for college preparation and admissions advice. Since 1981, it has been ranking colleges by programs, features, and financial aid packages as well as publishing guidebooks to college admissions.

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CS-GameClassRemoteThe UIC “Video Game Design and Development” class has been written up previously. It has several unique features. First, Jason Leigh teaches this course both at UIC and remotely at Louisiana State University (LSU) using high-definition video streaming over high-speed networks between Chicago and Baton Rouge. The students are organized into virtual teams, and each team has to design and develop a video game as its class project (projects are then judged by people who work in the industry.) Another unique feature is that students use the most advanced EVL hardware (currently TacTile) as the platform for game development, exploring new graphical user interfaces and human/computer interaction techniques. For further information, see:

UIC Researchers Probing New Modes of Creative Instruction and Collaboration
Enabled by Gigabit R&E Networks

Jason Leigh’s Video Game Design Students at LSU and UIC Share Final Projects
via HD-Streaming Over Optical Networks

Chicago programs teach collaboration as the newest trend in gaming

About the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago

The Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at University of Illinois at Chicago is a graduate research laboratory specializing in the research and development of networked, high-resolution visualization, collaboration and virtual-reality display hardware and software systems, and the design and implementation of international networking infrastructure. It is a joint effort of UIC’s College of Engineering and School of Art and Design, and represents the oldest formal collaboration between engineering and art in the country offering graduate MS, PhD and MFA degrees. EVL has received worldwide recognition for developing the CAVE™ and ImmersaDesk™ virtual-reality systems, and, more recently, the GeoWall low-cost passive stereo display, the LambdaVision tiled display, the Varrier autostereoscopic display, and the LambdaTable and TacTile horizontal high-resolution displays. EVL receives major funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF). EVL is a founding member of StarLight and the Global Lambda Integrated Facility (GLIF), and was a lead institution of the NSF-funded OptIPuter project.


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